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    <Bev pushes open door, stumbles over sleeping dog > Who left that there? <and skids across the floor towards the tea urn and crockery>

    Oh, erm. I seem to be in. Sorry I didn’t wait to be asked. I hope you don’t mind.

    I’m Bev. I’m currently dog-less but hope that my status will change soon, with a little help from FPAR. Things seem to be moving along in that direction quite nicely, anyway. Just thought I’d introduce myself, so that as things do come together I can bore you with updates. <grin>

    Bev, aka Beees.



    Welcome Bev! Looking forward to the updates.



    Thank you Stella… as this is a test area, let me see if I can get this pic to displa properly to begin with:
    D 1st Aug 1



    Well, that seems to be working then! Yay!!
    Now all I have to do is remember what I did later on this evening, when I have time to post about my afternoon with the lady above. 🙂




    The aforementioned lady is 5 year old Dolly.

    Dolly – Kelpie X

    She is currently in kennels and as she came in as a stray with very little information (as you will notice if you click the above link), I got the opportunity to meet her today to try to get to know her a little better.

    I’d been warned that she might be a little anxious so I went armed with (food) treats and a spiky bouncy ball – they worked to break the ice in milliseconds, and we were soon in the middle of a game of fetch-but-don’t-quite-bring-it-back-to-me-when-you-drop-it… she liked to see me moving too! I think she would have played all day – the game certainly went on through a sudden torrential downpour. The rain didn’t phase Dolly one bit. Nor did the barks of the dogs in the nearby kennels. I tried some ‘trick’ shots and Dolly cottoned on really quickly. I see a lot of intelligence in that face!

    Dolly sat nicely and patiently for food, and would take it gently from the hand when it was offered. Once or twice during the ball games I caught a glimpse of the Kelpie’s natural instinct as I got the distinct feeling I was being herded!When she dropped the ball, she would lie still and patient until it was picked up and thrown again.
    got it

    As we were hogging the paddock between the two of us by then, we ended the game and vacated the field to go for a walk I must say the kennels staff were lovely. Once they gauged that Dolly and I felt secure enough in each other’s company they got on with their chores and left us to it in the paddock area.

    It was obvious from the paddock time that Dolly will need some work on basic commands, including recall, so the walk was all on-lead. She pulled quite a bit, but I think it was with the sheer exuberance of being out of the kennel environment. It was while we were walking that we encountered a problem which would need significant work. She was kind of interested in the birds and would run towards them then watch with interest when they took flight. The sheep in the neighbouring field, surprisingly, didn’t seem to catch her eye at all – but she is a car chaser and then some! It required a very short leash to control her when cars and vans went past. All her natural instincts kicked in. She tried to crouch and wait then hurl herself at them as they went past. Of the dozen or so cars we encountered, I only managed to successfully distract her once, toward the end of the walk (That one positive distraction made me feel on top of the world though. I had the feeling it was just a question of perseverance with her, and that one tiny success convinced me I’m right about that.)
    cross the road

    The kennel staff inform me she is clean in the kennel but we don’t know if she’#s hose trained, she waits patiently to leave the locked up area in the morning, she likes her food and her play and there has been no sign of any problem temperament while she has been there. All the staff are female, so we don’t know what she is like with men or children.

    So, all in all, this is a lass with a lot of potential. She will need some work, and given her unknown past plus the fact that she is past her first flush of youth, it may take significant time. On this first visit she wasn’t particularly affectionate. The mood seemed to be sort of, “Yes, the human creature brought yummy stuff and a ball, and seems prepared to keep throwing it, so I’m happy to play with her – and walk with her. But I am my own animal.” She was polite, good-natured and friendly enough to let me stroke her pretty much all over, and she liked the praise but still managed to remain slightly aloof beyond that. I’m sure the trust and affection will develop as time goes by and a good dog-owner relationship has time to develop though. At the moment I am keeping my fingers crossed that I may have a part to play in that. We’ll see. In the meantime, another visit is on the cards…



    “Hose trained!” LOL. A Freudian slip there, maybe. 😀 😀

    Look at that watchful gaze!



    What a lovely write up! She sounds like she’d be a quick learner once she feels safe, comfortable and has had plenty of exercise. She’s very pretty too!



    Welcome to the forum Bev 🙂 Thanks so much for that fabulous write up – it sounds to me like the two of you have connected. Enjoy your next visit.



    Thank you both.
    Yes, I think she’s pretty – and I promise she’s not ‘smoking’ the stick that appears to be hanging from her mouth in that last photo. It is in the background at an unfortunate position.
    I think I’ve connected with her more than she’s connected with me at the moment 😀 . I’d have liked to try to get her to make more eye contact, but there were simply way too many distractions for that. I think a more peaceful environment would be required. It’s just a matter of time and opportunity.
    I am looking forward to the next visit. I even enjoyed getting drenched and muddy – maybe I’m just a hippo or warthog at heart!




    I paid a return visit to the kennels this morning. From my point of view it was all too brief. It was VERY windy, but that didn’t deter us from heading even further up to the mountain top for a walk. I think she remembered me… I wasd treated to a short ‘happy dance’ when I arrived.

    Ready For Action

    We stopped for a chat with a couple of people – one gentleman outside his house, and another man who stopped his car just to say hello to Dollyand warn us not to get blown away by the wind(It’s been a very long time since a stranger has stopped his car simply to chat to me when I’ve been alone. She obviously has more pulling power!) She seems to be man-friendly as well as a bit of a conversation ice-breaker.

    She still tried to pounce on passing cars, but was otherwise very well-behaved. She was unphased by a lurcher and her family of pups who were caged in a field along the roadside. She looked inquisitively in their direction as they equally inquisitively looked back, but was quite happy to walk by quietly. Again, there was only a passing interest in the sheep that were wandering the hilltop (She seemed to find the skeleton of a long dead one more interesting, and she was quite willing to leave that behind when prompted too!)

    She hadn’t been exercised before we left and the paddock was in use, so we didn’t get a chance to burn off any of her seemingly boundless excess energy, so I regretted not taking a much longer training leash when we reached the more open areas away from the road, as she didn’t get a good run. She made eye contact a little more willingly today and when I stopped to rest a couple of times, she made herself comfortable next to me and waited patiently.

    I could have stayed up there all day. I didn’t want to leave her behind when I came from there. I am more than just a little smitten. I hope that I can bring her home for good soon!


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