Ben – Greyhound

About Ben


Ben is a 3 year old greyhound whois currently in the care of one of our dedicated foster team members.


Here’s what they had to say about Ben:


I have had the pleasure of looking after Ben and he is a joy to have around, albeit one that is happy to sleep almost constantly!  He is a typical greyhound in that he loves nothing better than flaking out on one of his many beds that are dotted around the house, as long as it is somewhere he can keep an eye on me and make sure he’s not missing out on a snack or 3.  He is very calm in the house, even when his food is being prepared and he is getting the hang of standing and waiting calmly before digging in.  He loves a bit of attention and will let you know when he wants a bit of an ear scratch by resting his head on your lap and looking up at you with his doleful brown eyes.  He doesn’t climb on the furniture but is tall enough that he doesn’t need to, to get a bit of attention or to see what you’re up to.


He loves a walk and is always keen to get harnessed up and out the door, although he isn’t quite so keen on the recent cold weather.  He walks wonderfully well and only pulls slightly when there is another dog nearby that he wants to go and play with.  He is good with other dogs, always keen to introduce himself and run with them but as yet doesn’t understand the principles of fetch but is more than happy to have a bit of a chew on the ball instead.  He is happy with short walks as well as long ones and will keep plodding along beside you without too much trouble and is fine if you want to take him for a jog too.


He is also very good around other people including children and found my 2-year old niece immensely entertaining and happily followed her around for much of the afternoon, accepting the many hugs and kisses (and occasional biscuit) she gave him.  He is very accepting of strangers so, like Beach (my other foster) he won’t make a good guard dog, when my mum visited she was in the house and taking off her coat by the time both of them reacted.  And even then, he stood by for love and attention rather than wondering why this person was in the house, much to our amusement.


Ben is an adorable boy and has taken to the pet life wonderfully well.  He has adapted to my routine and has no problem with being left at home for a few hours as long as there is a comfy bed in a warm spot for him to relax in.


Can you give this little speedster a forever home?


Bens Factsheet

Age3 Years
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered
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