Bertha – Bulldog Crossbreed

Bertha’s Story


Bertha is a Bulldog crossbreed came into our care mid 2017. She looks a bit “odd” and someone once described her as “a bulldog on steroids”!


She doesn’t have a bark, just a gruff noise she makes when she is saying hello, or if food is around! Talking of food, she loves it! As she needed to put weight on we are feeding her 3 times a day. She has increased her weight to 25kg, and could ideally be 27kg.


She would ideally be suited to somebody with a big garden who can give her a little gentle exercise through play in the garden. When she has been walked on a lead she pulls a lot and strains her joints and then becomes very stiff for a day or so. She is prescribed a joint supplement and a small amount of painkillers to keep her moving. 


She is the sweetest friendliest dog, who greets visitors with a snuffle and a kiss and is clean, quiet and happy.


Update: 9th November 2017 – A few words from someone who looked after Bertha whilst the main foster carer was away!


I looked after Bertha for a long weekend while her main foster was away and I must say she was a joy to have around. While she can’t walk and play as much as other dogs she is still great fun to look after and will play a milder form of tug o’ war before cheating and slobbery you to death instead. Her gruffs and grunts are immensely entertaining, quickly earning her the nickname Gruffalo from a friend of mine who was staying with me at the time. She did have a bark or 3 at the fireworks that were being set off outside (what dog wouldn’t), but other than that it was just her Gruffalo noises that I heard (especially when we had pizza and didn’t share!). She was fantastic in the car, happily nosing out of the window as we went around and she was brilliant meeting friends and family who all popped in to say hello. She is a gorgeous lady who just love’s a cwtch and would be a welcome addition to any home.


Update: Here are a few words from Berths’ foster carer!

This beautiful lady has been with us since June.  During that time she has been 100% clean in the house, totally affectionate to us and all our visitors, has only barked 3 times (seriously), has no problem with being left for a few hours, in short she has been the perfect house guest.


There isn’t anything she can’t do, but, if she does too much of it, she will be stiff afterwards.


Although she loves going out for a walk, she is extremely strong and will pull, which will make her very stiff afterwards.  She will happily trot around my garden with some encouragement to get some exercise.


At night, she has her favourite spot on the settee, and she doesn’t move off there til she hears her breakfast going into her bowl.  She loves her food, but isn’t greedy.


My cousins little boy came to visit last week and Bertha couldn’t get enough of him.  She kept bringing tuggy toys for the little boy to play with her, and was totally gentle.


She has a couple of meds that keep her more comfortable. Pardale and synoquin medium breed. Both of which can be bought in larger quantities to keep costs down.  She is also on a premium food with joint care. All of these have increased her mobility.


She would prefer to be an only dog, and definitely isn’t keen on cats.   She stayed with another foster carer for a few days recently who said she had no problems with getting up and down the stairs.


In short she is a happy friendly dog, she is a gorgeous looking dog, everyone comments on how striking she is.    While she has been with us she has been nothing short of perfect.




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