Bertha – Bulldog Crossbreed

Bertha’s Story


Bertha is a Bulldog crossbreed came into our care about a month ago. She looks a bit “odd” and someone once described her as “a bulldog on steroids”!


She doesn’t have a bark, just a gruff noise she makes when she is saying hello, or if food is around! Talking of food, she loves it! As she needed to put weight on we are feeding her 3 times a day. She has increased her weight to 25kg, and could ideally be 27kg.


She would ideally be suited to somebody with a big garden who can give her a little gentle exercise through play in the garden. When she has been walked on a lead she pulls a lot and strains her joints and then becomes very stiff for a day or so. She is prescribed a joint supplement and a small amount of painkillers to keep her moving. 


She is the sweetest friendliest dog, who greets visitors with a snuffle and a kiss and is clean, quiet and happy.


Fact Sheet

BREED Bulldog Crossbreed
SIZE Medium
SEX Female
AGE &DOB 5 years - DOB unknown
OTHER REQUIREMENTS Has prescription joint medication and painkillers


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