Buddy – Collie Terrier Labrador Crossbreed

About Buddy


Buddy is a male Collie/Terrier/Labrador crossbreed who is currently in the care of one of our dedicated foster team members.


This is what they had to say about him:


We have been fostering Buddy since Sunday.  He has settled in really well.  He is living with 3 labs and a cat.  He hasn’t shown much interest in the cat other than the cat’s food bowl!  Buddy eats well and is food orientated which is great for training purposes.


He sleeps in the dog cage at night and is clean through the night.  We have had a couple of accidents in the day, the first couple of days, but he seems to be getting the hang off going out to toilet now.  He does squeak a bit when first put to bed but does settle down and is quiet then.


He is very easy in the house, loves a lap to lie on and does like to be with you.  He is a really friendly affectionate boy.  He is not keen on being left alone, even with the other dogs for company, but I think as he gains confidence within his new home he won’t mind so much.


He likes his walks, does pull a little but not excessively and think with training will improve.  We let him have a run around with our dogs, on a long line, and he loved chasing around with them.  His recall was quite good.  He is really fast and would probably love some fun activity such as agility.  He is a bright boy and will definitely benefit from further training and fun games.

He walks past people and dogs happily and doesn’t seem over worried by traffic.


He is not keen on going in the car though.  He tries to go in the other direction when he realises and has to be picked up to go in.  The first couple of trips with him he drooled a lot but this has got a bit better.  Hopefully over time he will learn to like it.


Buddy has been to the vets today for his 1st vaccination and to be microchipped.  He was very well behaved, friendly to everyone and happily let the vet do what was needed.  He wolfed up the treats the vet gave him!


Buddy is a lovely little dog and will make some lucky family a wonderful companion.

Buddys Fact Sheet

BreedCollie/Terrier/Labrador Crossbreed
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered
Other Requirements