We currently have in our care 2 baby and 1 adult Syrian hamsters.


We will be asking for a donation of £6 per hamster as long as you bring along/provide evidence that you have a cage suitable to their needs.


Syrian Hamsters are very active little creatures, and in the wild they would roam for miles each night. It is essential they have a cage big enough so they can perform more “natural” behaviors. You should make sure any wheel within the cage is the right size and not too small as this can provide back problems. 

Hamsters shouldn’t be housed with straw as it can damage their eyes, they should dwell in sawdust/paper based bedding. 

There are a number of suitable cages that are available online or in larger pet stores, we appreciate they aren’t cheap but they give your hamster a far better quality of life. 

To meet the minimum requirements as set by the rspca it’s often a good idea to look at cages suitable for rats. They are very spacious and a very good fit for hamsters too. Please refer to the below for a list of good hamster homes and where to get them below:

Hamster Heaven – £75 (Pets at Home)
Ferplast Duna – £55  (Pets at Home)
Ferplast criceti 15 – £50  (Pets at Home)
PAH Large Plastic Cage – £40  (Pets at Home)
Rosewood Pico Extra large – £45  (Pets at Home)



It’s also worth looking on Amazon/online as prices differ, we would also recommend little pet warehouse – most of their cages are of the minimum requirements and are of good quality.




Hamsters generally are fed on a muesli style diet, but do really appreciate being supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Guides can be found online as to which ones are good for hamsters.


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