Logen – Labrador

About Logen

Logen is an 8 month old labrador (may be a cross) who came into our care through no fault of his own after he was found as a stray (with 3 other similar dogs). He is currently in a foster home in north Cardiff and is vaccinated and neutered.


He is mostly housetrained with the odd accident. Logen sometimes gets anxious when his foster carer leaves the house so something to work on from day 1.


Logen is a work in progress, coming out of his shell more and more each day, so he seems to be heading in the right direction and its such a joy to see how well he is coming on. He probably never had any socialisation before he came to us and even though in foster he is being introduced to as much as possible, a new owner will have to continue this.


He will also need plenty of exercise as he gets older as well as mental stimulation to keep him occupied. But initially a new owner will have to be patient while he builds up towards those longer walks.

As he is still a young dog he will also need basic, positive training, preferably someone to take him to training classes but he is a fast learner and like any lab loves his food and toys so will be a great pupil.


While he’s a typical young lab and can be active with it, sometimes getting into mischief he can be quite chilled at home and when out in public (either when he meets people or he just lies quietly at his foster carer’s feet when he goes into the local café – all in the name of socialising and the lure of a titbit and a latte for his foster mum).


Logen would prefer to be with another dog so he can look to them for guidance – on walks and in the house he looks out for one of the resident dogs all the time.


He can also live with children although we suggest older children only simply because of his size, he may accidentally knock over smaller children in his excitement.


Logen gets on well with other dogs, cats and people but he sometimes can be a little hesitant about new people or dogs he meets out on walks but it doesn’t take long for him to overcome this. He’s currently sharing his foster home with 4 other dogs (spaniels) and 5 cats, and loves nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with some of them.


When he first goes to a new home he may need to be introduced slowly to new people and his surroundings – he will quickly learn how to trust (his fear of things means he will try to back out of his harness or get away but he is still the sweet gentle dog underneath it all) as long as its his own pace.


This fantastic boy will be a cracking dog and will repay your efforts many fold in helping him achieve his potential.


Logens Fact Sheet

Age8 Months
Fostered Area/KennelsFostered, Cardiff
Other RequirementsNeeds a resident dog


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