Riley – Whippet crossbreed

NOTICE:  New homing listing, no newly posted dogs will be homed between 15th December and the New Year.

About Riley

A word from the foster carer:

Riley seems to be the confident pup, he’s the first one to go to his mum to feed, the first one to the food bowl never mind who’s in the way he will bowl them over! He also likes cuddling with his sisters and brother he seems to like cuddling with me which is lush, someone must have a Riley size forever sofa!


For pups, we look for homes where they will not be left alone for more than 2 hours per day on a regular basis.

As with all pups Riley will benefit from attending socialisation & training classes. This will be a condition of adoption so please research positive, reward based training in your area ahead of applying. It will also be a condition of adoption that Riley is neutered at 6 months.


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