Tony – Saluki

About Toni


Just look at this beauty – his ears are amazing. He is 7 months old and would love a forever home.

9|9|2017 – Update from foster carer:

Tony has been with us for 4 days now and he’s an absolute dream, he loves humans and dogs alike, he’s also met a cat on a walk and didn’t take any notice had a sniff and walked on, he can be a bit strong on the lead but I think it’s because he’s so excited about going out after being in the kennels, off the lead he’s brill He doesn’t go far he’s always looking for you and loves a ball and cuddly toys. He sleeps with my dogs in the kitchen and has settled well and greets me with a waggy tail in the morning. He’s a little thin at moment so is having about 4 dried meals a day. He’s so gentle and loving I can’t believe he was a stray he’s amazing. He’s going to the vets on Tuesday to be neutered and first vaccinated. As we live in a four story house he’s not fussy on the stairs but is getting used to them. He’s had a few accidents in the house but I’m sure he’s house trained it’s just my house is awkward for any dog to find the garden😄 he’s still young so will benefit from training classes, but can be left for short periods I think he would benefit from another resident dog. He so deserves his forever sofa, he’s such a special boy ❤️


Fact Sheet

BREED Saluki
SIZE Medium
SEX Male
AGE &DOB 7 months - DOB unknown


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