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    Dolly – Kelpie X – 5 years old

    The minimum adoption donation for Dolly is £165. She will be neutered, vaccinated & microchipped before rehoming.

    Please put in an application in the first instance if you are interested. Approved applications will be home checked.


    If you have any questions, please email



    Update here:

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    Kirsty Thomas

    This lucky lady has moved into a foster home today 😍



    Here she is settling into her foster home <3



    Dolly (being renamed Dollar) has been so lucky to have found a fantastic foster home with one of the Four Paws volunteers and her family… and as Dolly/Dollar’s prospective new owner, I’ve been even luckier – Thanks to her foster family I’ve been able to meet this four pawed lady and get to spend some real quality time with her.

    The Four Paws staff/volunteers I’ve worked with have done so much to facilitate the smooth progress of this adoption, which for various reasons wasn’t as straightforward as I hope my future with Dollar will be. I can’t recommend them enough to any future adopters. They’ve been doing what they do for a long time now, and they are pretty fantastic at it from what I can see! They do everything they can to ensure that the dog will be comfortable and secure with a new owner – and that the new owner is a good match for the dog.

    Dolly/Dollar has been through a lot of upheaval over the last couple of months and her past before that is something of a mystery, but if things go to plan I am going to do my utmost to ensure that her future is far more settled. I’m sure she’ll pay me back in bucketloads.

    “A home is a far nicer place to sleep than a kennels.”
    My Favourite Position - lying down!

    “OK, so how do I get to you now, eh?”
    Wrapped round this tree

    “Duck hunting is tiring work. I’m sure I had to kill it more than once!”
    After killing the duck

    “Sausage stealing is tiring work too! That woman didn’t half fight me for them.”
    After sausage tug of war

    “I can be sooooooo cute!”
    Go On, tickle me!

    “I love having my tummy tickled!”
    Tummy tickles

    “And I also love long walks exploring the countryside.”
    Country Walk



    Dolly / Dollar is going to have a wonderful life with you. Just what she deserves, and I’m sure she’ll make you so happy!



    I hope I can make her equally happy!
    I’m so excited.

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