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    JAY & TINY


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    Breed: Crossbreeds
    Sex: Male
    Age: Jay is 6 years old and Tiny is 5 years old
    Dog Friendly: Yes
    Cat Friendly: Not tested
    People Friendly: Yes
    Child Friendly: Yes – aged 5+ in line with our adoption conditions
    House Trained: A little bit of marking at the moment but that’s to be expected in a new environment
    Vaccinated: Will be at least first vaccinated ahead of rehoming
    Neutered: Will be before rehoming
    Microchipped: Yes
    Travel: OK
    Fostered: Pontypool area

    The minimum adoption donation is £165 per dog.

    Jay & Tiny are currently undergoing a 14 day assessment and will be available for re-homing from 17/08/17. Applications are welcome from now.

    Please put in an application in the first instance if you are interested in adopting Tiny and/or Jay. Approved applications will be home checked.


    These two sweethearts have only just moved into foster so their foster carer will update as she gets to know them. They have had to come into us due to their owner’s ill health and are understandably a little bit confused at the moment. We are hoping they will be able to be rehomed separately but will assess that over the next little while. Of course if you would like to add two dogs to your family we would be happy to rehome them together.



    So Tiny and Jay have been with me for almost a week and they are both doing really well. They have come into our care from a loving home where sadly one owner has passed away and the other is in hospital, so it has been a bit of an upheaval for them. Despite this both have settled well.

    Tiny is a little pocket rocket! He’s quiet in the house and loves to have a snuggle next to you but when he’s out he loves to have a good run and frolic. Tiny had meningitis as a pup and so has a slight weakness in one of his back legs, but you wouldn’t know from looking at him and it certainly doesn’t stop him having a good run around! He likes to walk out in front on the lead so does pull slightly but due to his size that shouldn’t cause any problems. He doesn’t react to traffic, joggers, cyclists etc. He is good as gold off the lead too.
    He has been friendly with dogs we have met on and off the lead.
    He barked at my cat at first but as he is getting used to him this is improving.
    He is sleeping downstairs in a crate with Jay at present. The first few nights he barked quite a bit throughout the night, last night he did bark for 10 minutes but then settled down and slept all night. He is clean overnight.
    Tiny was marking a bit in the house, this is not happening so much and I’m not sure whether it is Tiny or Jay that’s the biggest culprit. This isn’t unusual whilst they are settling in. However Tiny has gone in for neutering today which usually puts an end to it. Other than this he is house-trained and will do his business in the garden.
    Tiny is happy to go in the car and travels well.

    Tiny is a little darling, he is used to living with older people. Saying that, he did introduce himself to two toddlers at the vet this morning and was lovely with them.
    Tiny would like to have a human around for the majority of the time. He would love a lightly active household who could take him for short walks (he has only got little legs after all!) and then let him snooze after!






    Jay is a quiet, calm, loyal and loving dog. I haven’t heard him make a noise in the week that’s he been here with me.
    Like Tiny, Jay does enjoy some gentle activity. He likes to have a good sniff on his walks and is great on and off the lead. He is non-reactive and just likes a good plod.
    He is house-trained but has been marking a little, albeit this is not unusual especially coming into a home where there are already resident dogs. He has been neutered though and this should help put a stop to it.
    Jay is fine with the cat and completely ignores him.
    Jay loves the car, as soon as the door is open he is trying to jump in! He will sit quietly in the back during the journey.
    Jay has not, as far as I know, been tested around children but due to his calm nature I can’t envisage any problems with him.
    Jay would like to have his human around the majority of the time. He is a real love bug and likes nothing more than to cuddle up next to you on the sofa.
    Jay is sleeping downstairs with Tiny in a crate at present and is clean and quiet overnight. Presumably when he no longer has Tiny with him he might want to sleep closer with his people though.

    Jay is gorgeous and will make a lovely house guest. He is very low maintenance and sedate. All he seems to want is someone to love him and fuss him and he will love you back in return.

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