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    Breed – Bulldog X female
    Age – 5 years
    Dog Friendly – Yes
    Cat Friendly – No
    People Friendly – Yes
    Child Friendly – Yes
    House Trained – Yes
    Neutered – Yes
    Vaccinated – Yes
    Microchipped – Yes
    Travel – Fine in the car
    Fostered – Gelligaer area

    The minimum adoption donation for Bertha is £165.

    Bertha came into my care a month ago. I have to admit offering to foster her was against my better judgment. I don’t “do” bull breeds. I felt sorry for her that she was becoming so thin in kennels so thought maybe I could offer respite for a week or so to feed her up a bit. I didn’t count on meeting the sweetest most loving pooch I have ever known.

    She looks a bit odd. My postman described her as a bulldog on steroids. She is an awkward shape. And she is a big girl. She barrelled into the house on her first day, had a good sniff around, found the corner where she likes to sleep and plonked herself down. She has been 100% clean in the house since day one. On the times I’ve had to leave her, she just curls up and goes to sleep, nothing disturbed or moved whilst we are out.

    She sleeps on the settee in the lounge at night. She does seem to suffer from nightmares, a few nights a week’s she wakes with a start and runs around the house making a bit on an odd noise, but she will then settle by herself. She also doesn’t have a bark, just a gruff noise she makes when she is saying hello, or if food is around! Talking of food, she loves it! As she needed to put weight on I am feeding her 3 times a day. She has increased her weight to 25kg, and could ideally be 27kg.

    She would ideally be suited to somebody with a big garden who can give her a little gentle exercise through play in the garden. When I have walked her on a lead she pulls a lot and strains her joints and then becomes very stiff for a day or so. She is prescribed a joint supplement and a small amount of painkillers to keep her moving. I happen to live in a bungalow so we don’t need to worry about stairs, but I don’t think she would be able to manage them well. As she us happy to sleep downstairs this shouldn’t be an issue if she isn’t allowed to try and get upstairs.

    So, I’ve told you the bad points but please don’t dwell on those. She is the sweetest friendliest dog, who greets all our visitors with a snuffle and a kiss, is clean, quiet, happy, and without doubt the easiest foster I have ever looked after.

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    Please put in an application in the first instance if you are interested in Bertha. Approved applications will be home checked.


    If you have any questions, please email

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